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Practice AET
Students can use the "Practice AET" (not their real account), which allows them to 
  1. Create an account & 
  2. Work through SAE examples &
  3. Print reports and turn in as a grade
AET Practice is found on the main page before students log in, they develop a practice AET account which separates their practice work from their real AET account. Teacher instructions to get students started.

SAE Practice Entries (Great Classroom or Homework Assignments)

Exploratory SAE from FFA Involvement - Water Quality Issues in Agriculture (2-23-15)
Student Handout - Instructions & Entry Info (
MS-Word Ver.)
Key - SAE Report

Exploratory SAE - Career Exploration (2-23-15)
Student Handout - Instructions & Entry Info (
MS-Word Ver.)
Key - SAE Report

Entrepreneurship SAE - Show steer SAE
Student Handout - Instructions & Entry Info  (MS-Word ver.)
Key- SAE Report  / Key- Capital Items Report / Key - Animal Analysis Report

Placement SAE - Veterinary Job & Roles for (1) Small Animal Care, (2) Vet Eq. Maint. and (3) Unpaid Large Animal Care to illustrate a single job and detail skills (Rev. 8-16-16)
Student Handout - Instructions & Entry Info (MS-Word ver.)
Key - SAE Report for:
 (1) Small Animal Care /
 (2) SAE Report Vet Eq. Maint. /
 (3) SAE Unpaid Large Animal Care

Research SAE - Wildlife Habitat Example Entries
Student Handout - Instructions & Entry Info (MS-Word ver.)
Key- SAE Report


9-25-14 Example Research SAE AET Admin 9/25/2014 190 KB

Sunday, June 24, 2018