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AET Vocabulary

Vocabulary & Quizzes
Our below AET term list and related quizzes can teach students about common record book terms, AET menu icons and financial terms, which likely relate to educational standards in your state.
  1. AET Record Book Term List - A listing of record book terms, AET related icons and examples of how each item relates to their experiences in agricultural education.
  2. General Terms in Agricultural Education Quiz - A matching and fill in the blank quiz
  3. AET Menu Item Term Quiz - A matching icon & example quiz
  4. Financial Term Quiz - A matching and fill in the blank quiz, plus a depreciation case study problem

 Keys to quizzes are available when logged into AET - Quiz Keys

  1. Understanding Capital Items and Depreciation - First, a classroom guide to teach depreciation and then a depreciation worksheet so student can calculate values of different assets.  A depreciation worksheet key can help check students work.  This assignment is a great STEM educational resource.


8-9-14 updated Depr guide AET Admin 8/10/2014 224 KB
9-23-14 KEY for depreciation worksheet AET Admin 9/25/2014 119 KB

Sunday, June 24, 2018