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AETweb Guide and Videos
The following resources can help you learn more about and use AETweb, which is a feature that uses information in the AET record book to help develop a zero maintenance website.  Learn more below:

 This two-page guide outlines the steps needed to select your website address, develop calendar events, getting students involved and sharing your new website with others.

 Summary Video (5 min.)- Illustrates how to establish a website name, aspects of AET that automatically flow into the site, and how teachers approve photos before they are shown in the site. Also shown in this video is an example of a program's site using AETweb.

 Sharing Documents (4 min.)- Illustrates how to share documents from AET to your program's website (AETweb).  These documents  must be approved, but can be shared from your portfolio or your AET calendar.  Video also includes an example site.

 Sharing Pictures in AETweb (4 min.) - Illustrates how to approve student, program and calendar photos from AET to your program's website (AETweb).  These pictures must be approved, but can showcase your program and is a great way to share photos with parents or use in your annual photo slideshow at a banquet.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018