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Summary of AET Resources for Student SAE Projects

Student Help Resources
– the following are guides/videos for developing/managing SAEs:

Selecting and Creating an SAE in AET – summarizes SAE opportunities and steps in AET
SAE setup video in AET – outlines the setup of different SAEs in AET and tips for success
SAE Planning Guides – important or common questions to address in an SAE plan
SAE Best Management Practices – common records to enter for each type SAE (checklist)
Student SAE Reports - reflection and review of SAE records 
Video Review of SAE Records - a video to review SAE records in AET prior to FFA awards

Teacher Help Resources – the following are guides/videos to evaluate SAEs and student engagement

SAE Grading Report (guide) – sort students by their SAEs, review key data, SAE report and online review
SAE Grading Rubrics (pdf and Excel templates) – SAE grading rubrics for all types of SAEs
SAE Annual Review/Grading Process Video – an approach using SAE reporting, rubrics and visitation/review
Paper Record Book (AET Paper Trackers) – free paper records books from AET 

AET in The Classroom – free lesson plans and other resources for the classroom 

SAE Lesson Plans – lesson plans, activities and resources that cover (1) record book terms, (2) setting up a student profile in AET, (3) SAE opportunities, (4) SAE Areas of Interest, (5) setting up an SAE plan and (6) Managing SAE Record Book Entries

Practice AET – learn about record keeping through SAE examples with keys and the use of a “free” record book to practice keeping records. – a free site that offers videos, student examples, SAE exploration experience and other resources to help students explore SAE opportunities. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018