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PoA and Strategy Manager

Strategy is important, and these resources and our new AET Strategic Planning system can assist! The following guides outline the process in AET and the worksheets are tools that work as brainstorming resources to get the process started.

AET Educational Guides:

(1) The 
strategic plan guide (PoA System) offers important ideas to create and manage activities.
(2) Important steps for managing action items (POA) details in AET 
(3) Scanning students using the new "student ID cards" to document attendance at chapter events
(4) A (pdf pres.) developing a strategic plan can help students understand the process
(5) How to use AET POA managed events to complete a National Chapter Award application

AET Videos for Strategic Planning & POA:
(1) Printing and sharing ideas of Strategic Planning details video (2 min.)
(2) Printing a report of POA details from your key activities video (2 min.)
(3) Gathering program & student photos video for banquets (3 min.)

AET Worksheets:

(1) The POA planning worksheet (Word Ver.) is a planning worksheet.
(2) Our annual program budget worksheet to outline key areas of your budget, which is an important part for planning your year.  

Additional Strategic Planning Videos/Resources 
  AET Video Resources

(1) Introduction to Strategic Planning in AET (5 Min.)
Getting student involved and tips!

Other Educational Video Resources

(1) A short video (video link - 4min.) that outlines the strategic planning process for business. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018