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Career Exploration (STEM)

Enables students to showcase their skills, accomplishments, and report AET-related activities to colleges and companies looking for talent. 

- In your AET records: (AET Video - 4 min.)
 STEP #2 In STEM Premier for AET (login page):
  1. Update your AET resume   (1-pg. guide)
  2. Update SAE records, photos & FFA leadership.
  3. See Record Book Checklist 
  4. Develop your AET portfolio (Record Book Report) to have a complete summary. 
  1. Learn more about STEM Premiere for AET Students (11 min. video) or Summary Presentation (20 slides)
  2. Access AET's STEM Premier login page, it's free!
  3. Build your STEM Premiere Profile     (3 min. video)
  4. How to manage your STEM Premier account (3 min. video)
  5. How to add a Mentor/Teacher/Parent to your account (2 min. video)
  6. How to share your STEM Premier information to others (3 min. video)
  7. Importance of updating your STEM Premier account (3 min. video)
  8. Using STEM Premier Mobile App (mobile app download)

Sunday, June 24, 2018