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Student Career Development (STEM)

STEM Premier is a powerful tool, and these resources can assist them in getting started and how teachers can assist in the process.
(Teacher AET Summary Video)  

(1) Why Join STEM Premier (1-pg.) - A summary of current industry partners, college entrance information or scholarship resources and even colleges that want to connect!

(2) STEM Premier FAQs (1-pg.) - Common questions and answers about privacy and security of the site.

(3) Presentation on STEM Premier (20 slides)How to Get Students Started (1-pg.) - Recommendations on how to help students join STEM Premier and classroom strategies to get them started.  

(4) Student Instructions Handout (1-pg.) - Tips on how to get started, which includes having students print their AET Complete Record Book Report to summarize their experiences in classroom, SAE and FFA.

(5) How to Become a Mentor in STEM Premier (1-pg.) - Three easy steps to become a student mentor

(6) View Student Resources Help Page in AET - A list of student resources/videos to help them review their information in AET and connect to STEM Premier.

Sunday, June 24, 2018