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Student Help
Welcome to the AET!  Whether your Advisor assigns AET lessons to you, or you access them on your own, we hope each guide will be beneficial to your agricultural learning experience.  See the following links for help in AET:

(1) Welcome to AET video for students.  How keeping records connects to the agricultural industry, importance to agricultural education, connects to FFA awards and important program reports. Also, this video outlines the important steps for a student to get started.

General Help Topics (New Resources)
(1) Day 1 for Students guide to begin your AET record system.  
(2) Completing your AET profile video 
(4 min. - important for records and FFA membership)
Develop your resume video (4 min.) using your records and AET profile 
(4) Selecting & creating an SAE guide (video) outlines important steps to begin an SAE project.

(1) The AET Mobile App ( is the site to use on your mobile device
(2) This AETmobile video also outlines the process and how to use the system for records
(3) This AETmobile guide for students outlines how to access and use AETmobile
(4) Tracking FFA activities in AETmobile illustrates records in this important area!

Best Management Practices (BMP) for SAEs 
(New Resources)
(1) Using AET's Experience Manager video (8-min.) or Active/Inactive SAEs video (4 min.)
(2) D
eveloping SAE Plans worksheets and (SAE Plan Video) for all projects.
(3) Important steps to Manage each type of sae 
(4) SAE current inventory value identifies how values are managed using records.

(1) Entering previous years records provides important steps to follow. 
(2) Managing unpaid SAE hours for credit in FFA awards helps outline important SAE journals.
(3) Student Record Book Checklist helps review key areas of your records for FFA awards
(4) Student video series for AET records & FFA Awards for FFA award applications and tips 

Learn more about how to use AET to connect with Colleges and Companies you are interested in and make career plans -
Educational Resources
AET Journal
(1) A NEW Journal Video outlines ways to record record time for all areas
(2) A NEW SAE Journal Guide helps outline steps to enter time invested in all areas.   
(3) A summary of SAE journal entries for each type of SAE can help with your entries.  

Animal AET Experiences (SAEs)
(1) Our breeding operations guide discusses the details for breeding projects. 
(2) The Breeding Herd Manager Guide and Market Animal Manager Guide helps manage SAE projects using the modules.

AET Finances

(1) How
entering income/expenses for AET Experiences (SAEs) is completed
(2) How to keep records on
managing capital items used in SAE projects

AET Resume

(1) Student information using AET data into a complete student AET resume (Guide).  
(2) Also learn about how to earn AET Badges, which is a national ranking of experiences.

AET Reports show summaries of student records as well as applying to FFA awards.  
(1) A video for using AET reports provides a summary of use
(2) The AET report guide helps review useful reports.

Lack access to a computer?
Our AET Templates help users enter keep notes on information to then later enter into AET.  


Template - Journal Paper Tracker for AET AET Admin 8/24/2011 104 KB
Template - Finances Paper Tracker for AET AET Admin 8/24/2011 103 KB
Template - Capital Items (non-current) Tracker for AET AET Admin 8/24/2011 104 KB
2-5-12 Managing Breeding SAEs AET Admin 2/6/2012 588 KB
2-5-12 AET Reports AET Admin 2/6/2012 1022 KB
Student AETmobile Guide AET Admin 7/15/2012 180 KB
AET Badges AET Admin 6/2/2013 544 KB
7-9-13 AET Resume Guide AET Admin 7/10/2013 255 KB
Students Getting Started Day 1 AET Admin 8/13/2013 258 KB
Selecting an SAE and Creating the Experience AET Admin 8/20/2013 313 KB
Entering Records from Previous Years AET Admin 8/21/2013 112 KB
Entering Income and Expenses Guide AET Admin 8/22/2013 305 KB
Managing Capital Items Guide AET Admin 8/22/2013 68 KB
NEW! Breeding Herd Manager Guide AET Admin 8/30/2013 671 KB
NEW! Market Animal Manager Guide AET Admin 9/3/2013 242 KB

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