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Teacher Help
View our new "Welcome to AET" video for teachers. Our summary of SAE resources for teachers using in AET also provides a general overview of resources.

Categories of Teacher Help: The following
 resources offer step-by-step assistance by topic

Resources to get startedGetting Started:
(1) The Teacher Getting Started guide (CA Teachers Ver.) covers the basics for teachers
(2) Managing student accounts guide (video) to manage your list of your students
(3) Managing Images/Documents (video) shares how photos are managed in AET

Teacher Journal (Support/Grow your extended contract)
(1) The Teacher Journal Video covers this section of AET or through using AETmobile

Learn more about how your students can connect and develop connections with colleges and companies to advance their career potential! Education Resources 

Program of Activities (POA) & Strategic Planning Tools:
(1) Strategic Planning System and Program of Activities (POA) resources offers new and industry aligned resources to help manage your POA in AET. 
(2) Scanning students in FFA Activities guide, which also covers a suggested scanner to use
(3) Gathering program & student photos video for banquets (3 min.)
(4) Printing a report of POA details from your key activities video (2 min.)
(5) Printing and sharing ideas of Strategic Planning details video (2 min.)

AET's Meeting Manager System:
Meeting Manager resources page includes a 1-page summary guide and video to help develop meetings, invitations, agenda details, take roll and complete meeting minutes.

AET Mobile System for Teachers:
(1) The AET Mobile App (http://m.theaet.comvideo) is available to teachers to help manage your chapter's AET account on your phone
(2) The AETmobile guide for teachers outlines how to load and use this feature

Key AET Teacher Reports & SAE Grading:
(1) Our SAE Grading Report guide helps outline AET reports that assist in grading SAEs
(2) Our SAE grading rubrics to score SAE projects or our student record book checklist 
(3) Our video outlines the process (8 min.) and provides tips to grade
(4) View teacher developed resources and Google Drive shared files
(5) Our Economic Impact Report guide summarizes your program's records into an easy report

Using AET to Manage & Submit Your FFA Roster:
(1) The FFA Roster Helper guide (Video-4 min.) outlines the steps needed to select FFA members and 
submit their profile information to for membership.  
(2) The FFA Roster Lookup (1-page guide) helps research FFA membership history 

Lesson Plans and Tools for the Classroom:
(1) This links you to our educational resources in AET, such as lesson plans, curriculum, SAE grading rubrics, Practice AET and other resources.  Learn more at AET in the classroom

Free Chapter Webpage:
(1) Learn more about AETweb guide
 or the video series , which is a free website automatically developed through using AET to help keep others informed of your program events.

Student Record Keeping Badges:
(1) The Student AET Badge guide includes information on how students are nationally ranked in their record keeping efforts and a great measure of program productivity  
(2) Also, review our AET badge video to learn more about how to identify your top students

Paper Record Books:
(1) Our 
AET Record Book Templates offer a printed record book solution to assist when you lack access to c


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