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Classroom Resources
 Offers free resources for the classroom with complete lesson plans and other teaching tools.
  Lesson 1. Getting Started with AET and Important Terms
Lesson 2. Setting up a Student Profile in AET
Lesson 3. Supervised Agricultural Experiences and Connections to Careers
Lesson 4  SAE Opportunities through
Lesson 5. Areas of SAE Interest and Setting up an SAE in AET
Lesson 6. Developing an SAE Plan
Lesson 7. Managing SAE Entries in AET

  1. AET quizzes using Quizlet (use AET developed quizzes or see how other teachers are testing students on their knowledge of records)
  1. A new video series for SAE projects and record keeping 
2. Try our new SAE ideas sheet that list SAE examples and hours (Google drive content)
3. View AET Student Help and "Best SAE Practices section" for more resource

1. SAE Grading rubrics offer customizable tools help students have a more   complete SAE experience and improves information for FFA award applications. 
2. SAE Grading Policy 
(word doc) helps create an agreement with students and parents.
3. Student Record Book Checklist helps students review key areas of their record book. 
4. AET Vocabulary and related quizzes are part of the lesson plans, but cover terms related to agricultural education, financial management and AET menus.
5. Depreciation guide and worksheet can help students learn more about the concept of depreciation and is a great mathematics in agriculture (STEM) application.

  Practice AET offers a training area for students to enter record book examples to learn about the process of keeping records.  This area offers student instruction for all types of SAE records and key reports to help monitor the results.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018