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AET Student Videos for FFA Awards
FFA awards are the result of good records and the following resources are to assist AET users. Each of the following videos have a targeted topic, so review the ones that relate to your experiences:

Managing Your Records in AET
for FFA Award Success
Tips for your FFA award through
the AET Record Book

Introduction to AET (Day 1)
The basics & connecting to FFA
awards (3 min.)

AET Profile Information (Day 1 cont.)
Beginning student account information
(4 min.)

Setting up AET Experiences (Day 2)
(SAEs) & Annual Review
In FFA Awards (12 min.)

Managing SAE Photos & AET Mobile
*New How to import and use photos in FFA applications

Beginning Financial Values
for SAEs and how illustrated
in FFA awards (6 min.)

Current Inventory values (investment) 
in AET and values in FFA awards 
(8 min.)

Recording "Usage" of Non-Current
 in SAEs (5 min.)
*New- Essential in FFA Prof. Awards!

Managing Placement SAEs in 
AET and FFA Awards (12 min.)

Managing Market Animal
Project in AET and FFA Awards 
(8 min.)

Managing Breeding Animal 
Projects in AET & FFA Awards
(19 min.)

Managing Research Projects
in AET & FFA Awards (9 min.)
A review of student records 
in AET & Preparing for FFA
Awards (9 min.)

New 2018 Texas State Degree
(5 min.) - outlines 
a few key areas

CA State FFA Degree Tips 
Details and help (8 min.)

Star Application Tips & 
Processes (11 min.)
State to National levels

Entrepreneurship App. 
Tips & Processes (15 min.)

Placement Application
Tips & Process (13 min.)

Research Application Tips
& Process (15 min.)



Applying for FFA Awards AET Admin 12/21/2011 210 KB
Reviewing Reports AET Admin 7/26/2012 168 KB

Wednesday, May 23, 2018